Geoff Higgins has been a professional photographer for the past 35 years, most of his working life. His love for Australia and the burning desire to produce outstanding images has driven him to some of Australia’s most remote and interesting places. This burning passion Geoff has for Australia and producing images of her landscapes, wildlife and people has never faded.
Travelling in four wheel drives throughout Australia with his wife Rhonda and their two children has certainly had challenges and rewards, what a wonderful country we all have.
Some of the images produced by Geoff Higgins could only be done by someone with a full understanding and love of their subjects…….it is not uncommon to spend hours and in some cases days to produce one single image. Bird photography can be particularly challenging and the satisfaction obtained from producing these images is just unbelievable.
Over the years Geoff has produced over 50 books on wildlife, landscapes and Australia in general.
His works have also been used worldwide in advertising campaigns, greeting cards, calendars and many other areas.
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Michael Salmon has been involved in graphics, Children’s literature, TV and Theatre since 1967.
He started his career with surfing cartoons and exhibitions of his psychedelic art and then joined the famous marionette troupe ‘The Tintookies’ as a trainee set designer/stage-manager in 1968 (The Australian Elizabethan Theatre Trust, Sydney).
Since then his work has been solely for young people both here in Australia and overseas.His many credits include his ‘Alexander Bunyip show’ (ABC TV 1978-88), pantomimes, fabric and varied merchandise designs, toy and board game invention and the writing and illustrating of 172 picture story-books for young readers. Several million copies of his titles have been sold worldwide.
Michael has been visiting Australian Primary Schools for over 40 years. His hour long sessions are humorous, fun, interactive and entertaining, with a focus on Students developing their own creativity. Suitable for all years.
The Australian Government honoured his work in 2004 by printing a 32nd Centenary, special edition of his first book ‘The Monster that ate Canberra’ as a Commonwealth publication … for both residents and visitors to our Capital. Every Federal Politician received a copy!
Michael was also the designer of ‘Buddy Bear’ for the Alannah and Madeline Foundation (Port Arthur 1996). The Foundation financially supports Children/Families who are victims of violence/violent crime; they are currently running an anti-bullying campaign in Australian Schools.
In 2010 the ACT Government further recognised his work by commissioning a bronze statue of his first book character ‘Alexander Bunyip’. ‘Unveiled’ in April 2011, it stands next to the new Gungahlin Library in our Federal Capital.
Michael has presented ‘Bunyip-themed history sessions’ for audiences of School Children at the National Library of Australia since 2011.
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The first Australian songwriter to achieve international recognition in the popular song category; authoring/composing a number of songs that were recordedby international stars Dean Martin, Glen Campbell, Tom Jones, Barry Crocker.
Starred in the seminal Australian police drama: ‘Division 4’ and a series of variety shows
‘Ted Hamilton’s Musical World’ and ‘Ted Hamilton’s New Wave’:…‘Ted Hamilton and Johnny Farnham – Together Again For the Very First Time’. .. Compered ‘Ted Hamilton Show’ and ‘In Melbourne Tonight’
Starred in many film and television shows including, ‘M*A*S*H’,‘SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN’, ‘HAWAII FIVE-O’, and as the first Captain of ‘THE LOVE BOAT’. Produced and starred in ‘THE PIRATE MOVIE’ – the first Australian movie to receive a general release in the United States – 1500 screens USA.
Creator of ‘KUBE’ (Kids Unifying for a Better Earth) a social media window for youth, and ‘SOS-EARTH THE MUSICAL’ – A trans-media musical extravaganza
Additional Achievements and current activities:-
Sportsman: State (NSW and VIC), National and world team titles in squash
Founder – Newport Digital Technology Australia (Pty Ltd)
Awarded a Medal in the Order of Australia (OAM)


Among her many incarnations Maxine has been a Registered Nurse, Human Resource Manager, Tafe Lecturer and run her own consultancy business, often all at the same time.
Having travelled extensively and with a love of reading Maxine’s life was truly full when her children began requesting stories of her adventures. The idea for the first in her series of children’s books, came about when a snail took up residence in the letter box her grandfather had built and started eating the mail.
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The late Australian photographer James Young has worked on large horticultural books such as Botanica, Botanica’s Roses and Botanica’s Trees and Shrubs. In fact the majority of the images in these books are his. Botanical photogrphy has taken nine times around the world-to the USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. In his travels the rose has become his favourite and it has a personal passion for him to represent photographically the truth in the beauty of a rose.


Malcolm McNaughton has been observing and illustrating Australian birds for 57 years. His first illustrated article about birds was published in Crosbie Morrison’s Wildlife magazine in 1953.
Further articles about birds, bird photography and bird art have since then appeared in other Australian and overseas magazines such as Australian Birdlife, International Wildlife, Australian Photography and Australian Artist. Australian Birdlife Illustrated was Malcolm’s first book. Published by Rigby Ltd, it was illustrated with a mixture of his own photographs and paintings.
Most of Malcolm’s paintings are produced using waterclolours. Applied with fine-pointed brushes, this medium is preferred because it is ideal for use where feather details is required. In many of the paintings a small amount of white gouache, an opaque watercolour, is used to add highlights when needed. When paintings are not to be used as book illustrations, he produces some works in oils or acrylics.
As a bird photographer, he has won numerous awards in international exhibitions approved by the Photographic Society of America. Included among these awards is a trophy from the Sydney International Exhibition of Photography for his photography of a female Superb Blue Wren, which was judged the best nature print against entries from fifteen countries.
Using only bird photographs, Malcolm has topped the Australian Photographic Society’s Who’s Who of International Exhibitors of Nature Photography. His bird pictures also gained for him the honour Artiste de la Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique (AFIAP). He has judged nature photography exhibitions at the international level and has also been on the nature photography judging panel at the Sydney Royal Agricultural Society’s Easter Show on five occasions.
He is currently a member of the Central Coast Field Ornithologists Club, a group that in recent times discovered a new small colony of the endangered regent honeyeater.


Manie Moodley has been a school teacher for more than thirty years and has been writing poetry for the past twenty years. He holds a bachelor of commerce degree, a university teaching diploma, an honors degree in comparative education, and a master of teaching with a special education focus qualification. The author is South African born and currently teaches and resides in Sydney, Australia.


Harry O’Brien is a primary school teacher of many years experience. For nearly twenty years he taught in a variety of schools that were in various socio-economic areas. He worked in schools that were socio-economically stressed, to schools where most children did not speak English at home, to schools that were in wealthy areas. This broad range of experience along with selected post graduate courses in education gave him a solid understanding of what children across many spheres could achieve. He left teaching because of the success of his educational writing demands. He always jokes he never really left teaching as his company is like a school without kids. This is because of the amount of one to one correspondence curriculum writing that takes place. He has become a prolific author of best-selling educational materials across Australia. His first major series Maths plus went on to become a 20 year best seller and still holds market dominance today. In 2005 Harry along with a group of selected, highly talented teaching professionals formed a company called Teachers 4 Teachers Publications. Harry in his current position of managing director and commissioning publisher at Teachers 4 teachers Publications overseas the top quality products that are produced. Teachers 4 Teachers has created the immensely popular and extremely well used Reading Box series. They have also created many best-selling products such as Grammar Conventions, Spelling Conventions, Reading Conventions, Handwriting Conventions, Problem Solved and Maths Boxes.
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Lauren O’Brien is a qualified teacher who has become best-selling educational author. Lauren has an art of being able to dissect curriculums into bite size pieces and present them to teachers and children in a way that they will understand. Her Grammar Conventions series is a prime example of this, children and teachers love this series, it is a testament to her creativity. Another huge product that Lauren was the major author and publisher on was the enormously best-selling Reading-Box Yellow
Lauren in her capacity as publisher and writer at Teachers 4 Teachers Publications is also a qualified editor and is currently developing further IT skills with yet another course.
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Louise started her career as a teacher’s aide at Walkervale State Preschool. Her duties included library supervisor, teaching ‘special needs’ children development skills through story and their artwork. Moving to be an illustrator for the Queensland Education Department and developing material used as teaching aids for the district preschools.
Doing a instructional skills course in 1994 at Bundaberg TAFE TEQ and passing with distinctions in the subject ‘How to write a story with the aid of a illustration’. Also passing with distinctions the Theme: Light-hearted entertaining stories for young children with moral and educational value.
With distinctive qualities I believe that my stories, with strong development of animal characters, through dialogue, conflict and events, enhanced by illustrations, will capture the imagination of young children internationally. From early preschool to early primary age, children will appreciate and relate to the underlying but positive moral and educational messages in all her stories.
Louise has illustrated a series of May Gibbs stories ‘Gumnut Gossip’ with 6 titles in the series. Her talent is absolutely endless with the ability to start from scratch with just a story or copying a style from some of the classics.
Louise is a fantastic member of the KD Book Publishing team for her stories and for the talented illustrating for authors with good stories but no illustrations giving KD Books a valuable asset on the team.


Martin Killips claims to be a sociable recluse. That doesn’t mean he talks to people whilst hiding in the bushes…but rather, he loves people but enjoys the solitude of the countryside around Mullumbimby, where he and his family now live. After a lifetime of tomfoolery he accidentally discovered, at the age of 36, that his flippant attitude to life was the perfect apprenticeship for writing and illustrating whimsical poetry.
When he’s not living as a recluse, Martin tours Australia teaching children of all ages (5 to 500…or older) how to write and illustrate humorous, rhyming poetry.
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Developed by Katie Jenkins, KatieDesigns is a freelance company that has produced many quality works on children’s titles including those by well-known authors May Gibbs, Michael Salmon & Dorothy Wall. KatieDesigns helped to restore May Gibbs characters by bringing them to life in full colour as well as doing the same for Dorothy Wall’s Blinky Bill. Australian Literature, Australian History, Australian educational and Australiana titles also feature in the KatieDesigns portfolio.
Following a year abroad, Katie returned home to focus on building KatieDesigns to the high quality company it is today, meeting the exacting demands of clientele in delivering a range of diverse products from books to stationary.


Design of this site is conceived and executed VALKER VIP provides consulting services for the opening of representative offices and branches for companies in other countries and regions. We provide eckueub creative markers, complement and other outsourcing of professional specialists.
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Unlike most publishing houses Teachers 4 Teachers Publications Pty Ltd is a company that has been set up by a group of very experienced teachers. Its aim was to provide higher quality, contemporary learning resources for primary schools both in Australia and abroad. The idea of forming teacher 4 teachers was to gather the absolute best, most talented people possible to write our ground up products. Harry O’Brien the managing director invited selected people from his years of teaching experience to be part of Teachers 4 Teachers Publications. Each person invited into the company also invested capital into the company.The initial shareholders and authors of our company consisted of a school principal, a deputy principal who was also an award winning author, a primary teacher who was also an award winning artist and another teacher who was also an award winning author. Many years of combined practical teaching experience goes into the making of our products. Our core philosophy for all of our products is that they are beautifully presented and easy to use – both by teachers and their students. This philosophy combined with the quality of our products has resulted in our company holding many best-selling products throughout Australia and overseas. Unlike many companies we employ people on a full time basis to do our editing and design/typesetting in-house. This although very expensive keeps every product at the same high level.


Primary Education Publications has been producing resource material for students aged between 7 and 12 for over 30 years. Authors have specialised in the curriculum areas of Mathematics and Spelling. The focus area of the published books has been to provide stimulating and challenging material to cater for the learning needs of all students.The content of the books has been aligned to the prescribed syllabuses and meets appropriate standards. Teachers’ learning programs have been enhanced as students develop confidence and necessary skills. The many real life questions and activities ensure enjoyable learning experiences for all students. The material has also successfully catered for students requiring individualised learning programs. All books have received widespread approval in schools across Australia.


Edutainment Publishing is the creator of books based on the story and characters in the musical stage play, SOS-EARTH, by Ted Hamilton OAM.
Our books will aid youth in understanding and combating today’s societal concerns – Bullying, and the Environment. Our books show them how to take responsibility for their actions, show respect for each other (anti-bullying), and planetary stewardship of our home earth – THE ENVIRONMENT.
Bullying is an acquired behaviour prevalent in our schools, media, sporting institutions, and the corporate world. It is self-evident that bad behaviour in youth leads to poor adult performance.
Good values are not inherited genes; they must be thoughtfully taught