KD Book Publishing

KD Book Publishing (ATF Jenkins Family Trust) (hereinafter called ‘KD Book Publishing’) has 50 years of experience in all aspects of the general book publishing industry in Australia and around the world.

The company specialises in educational books for children and includes a range of general non-fiction, themed address, birthday, and notebooks, plus personalised diaries and monthly planners for companies.

We currently provide a superior range of educational books with English and Math’s titles that conform to all years/grades of the New South Wales and Australian school curricula.

We specialise in tailoring our range to any nation’s criteria.

KD Book Publishing specialises in producing classic and original products for the Australian and global markets. Our illustrators, photographers and editors can tailor any book for any market. Our range of titles is expanding with authors and publishers offering us their titles for the world market.

KD Book Publishing wants to encourage children to enjoy reading as a pleasure that will endure through their adult years. The best form of education is voluntary book reading and our goal is to encourage that.

At KD Book Publishing our mission is to provide books that interest and involve global youth — not just in the three R’S (reading, writing, and arithmetic) – but also in adjusting their own behaviour.

Help all youth to understand that there are solutions to their problems, like bullying and environmental indifference, and that they can make a difference, if they are willing to accept personal responsibility for their actions.

KD Book Publishing has dedicated itself to providing educational books for each generation.

It is an axiom that as one generation passes the torch to another, the lessons have to be instilled anew, because respect is not an inherited gene, it has to be carefully taught… Long after our journey here is over – our books will continue to kindle that glow of understanding that will light the lantern for others.

That is the legacy we will bequeath to the children of the world.

Manners do not have the emphasis they should have in our educational systems.

They seemingly have been discarded or regarded as passé.

We have produced books that will assist teachers to educate the children about the necessity and attractiveness of good manners, and the advantages they offer in advancing career opportunities: ‘As the twig is bent the tree will grow.’

Behaviour is not an inherited gene.

Bullying and disrespect are acquired bad behaviour and good behaviour must become a priority, and thoughtfully taught. At KD Book Publishing, we believe it is our obligation to provide product that will inform youth and lead them to awareness of their own behaviour and how it can profoundly influence others.

KD Book Publishing seeks new and exciting books to publish for the Australian and world markets.

We have a range of illustrators, photographers and editors to help in the production of any book we would like to produce.

Our illustrators, photographers, and editors have many years of association with the New South Wales Education Department.