KD Book Publishing (ATF Jenkins Family Trust) (hereinafter called ‘KD Book Publishing’) is proud to introduce an exciting new range of educational books about respect for each other, and our home Earth.

These books are drawn from: SOS-EARTH THE MUSICAL, which is the matrix that demonstrates – in an ‘Edutainment’ format – decency and respect. Our books feature, in poetic prose, the story and characters of SOS-EARTH.

Stories in books – from the unifying teachings of the Prophets, to the Tales of The Arabian Nights, and the dramas of Shakespeare – have been the great educators. Story telling through books, dramas and musicals has always been the most effective instrument of cultural education, because it is difficult to feel animosity – about ethnic or cultural differences – when you share the joy of discovery through an educational book; a tale well-acted, or the experience of singing and dancing together in a stage musical.

Books are essential to inform youth about personal responsibility.

KD Book Publishing has dedicated itself to providing educational books for this and future generations; because as each generation passes the lessons have to be instilled anew.

Long after our journey here is over our books will remain to kindle that glow of understanding that will light the path for others. That is the legacy we will bequeath to the children of the world.

History has shown that a child can change the world.

Our books can help that child to become a person who can create a better world; a world we could all enjoy living in.

These books will facilitate having respect for each other, and the similarities that unite us, rather than differences that divide; and to respect our home EARTH.

Youths are the largest personal polluters and need to be educated about the damage they cause by thoughtlessly discarding trash.

Our range of original characters and stories will highlight -“ Respect.”